Aggero: The company

Experience Matters

Aggero, LLC. is the newly named waste management division of Farmer Automatic of America, Inc. located in Statesboro, Georgia. For over 30 years, Farmer Automatic of America has had an interest in helping large egg layer farms deal with the poultry manure by providing complete solutions. Now marketed under the brand name Aggero, the manufacturing department also made some changes in the method in which the composters are produced to meet increasing demand.

Aggero is there to accompany livestock farmers individually from planning through to maintenance services. Aggero remains a family business with deep roots in the poultry industry, thus is committed to providing solutions derived from tradition and innovation.




Distributor Diversification

Through the large amount of egg industry work that Farmer Automatic of America is involved with, the network of supplimental equipment and services, too is notable. Through these strong ties, is it then possible to bring you the best knowledge, package design, and most importantly, discount pricing.