The Compost Method

The Compost-A-Matic is a mixing vessel that moves through a channel of substrate. Mixing paddles stir material with a purpose of eliminating methane gas and hydrogen sulfide odors. The resulting compost product is a pathogen and seed-free organic material that will not revert back to raw manure and that has retained nutrients for valuable agricultural use.

Maximum Performance from Minimum Maintenance

PLC controlled hydraulic motions allow full programming of timing and management. Simple and robust design allows for maximum longevity and performance. Epoxy-coated hardware guarantees that the system does not rust or degrade. Delivered as a complete assembly, after construction of the pit rows, the Compost-A-Matic is ready to work for you.

Inner workings

Manure is deposited at the front end of the pit row and the Compost-A-Matic advances through the compost turning and aerating. This process also moves older material to the rear of the pit, continuously advancing substrate towards becoming a completed product. During this moving process, the mixing paddles break up large particles to allow maximum surface area for oxygen contact.