Convenient windrow composting

Windrow composting in high-rise poultry or hog houses is an old process made better with a Compost Cat. The Cat is driven down each row picking up the substrate, mixing and breaking up large particles, and placing it in the same line. This process is essential for composting, fly control, and eliminating chemical costs. By creating clean tall rows of substrate, an efficient composting environment is formulated, containing heat and maximizing aeration.

Precise material handling

The 16" diameter auger plow is positioned in front of the main chassis for maximum substrate collection and traction. With the option of custom widths (72"-96") and extra agitator, the Compost Cat is suitable for any size high-rise. The substrate is passed through to the drag chain conveyor, which facilitates turning of the substrate as well as creating an efficient compost windrow pile.


System Features

  • Unique Flow-Thru design: the only windrow composter of its kind keeps the substrate in the same line
  • Low wear and maintenance: rugged construction and durable components make for dependable use
  • Skid steering: easy to use controls and turn on a dime radius
  • Large substrate throughput: dual auger motors and extra beater plow through oversized windrow piles
  • Compact design: fits through openings 72" Wide x 80" High
  • Formulated auger design: the Center-Flow auger promotes good composting by quickly aerating large particles