Broiler Cat


The efficient method of litter pasteurization for maintaining an organic or antbiotic-free process. The BroilerCat can pull up the litter, breaking up cakes, and creates a windrow where you want it. It can also spread it out in a single pass. Read More

Compost Cat


The CompostCat is a small windrower system originally designed for driving under high-rise chicken houses. Turning the substrate three times a week induces the composting process and this increases the temperature to a temperature unsuitable for fly larva. In addition to fly-control, there are other cost saving advantages in contrast to other common methods. Read More



An in-vessel system which processes livestock waste. The Compost-A-Matic can be configured to compost large variations of moisture levels or to act as a dryer system with the introduction of a ground ventilation system. Compost-A-Matic comes in a few differnt sizes to suit various waste amounts. Read More