Litter Pasteurization in the Broiler House

This CompostCat is tuned to tackle the broiler house demands from start to finish.

Growers constantly balance the need to provide a healthier environment with saving time and money. The BroilerCat does both. Our simplified windrow process refreshes litter, saving on fresh bedding and chemicals, and burns off ammonia and pathogens, minimizing disease and improving air quality.

BC in Dust

Aggressive material collection

The BroilerCat has been outfitted with a larger serrated auger which rotates in the opposite direction as the CompostCat’s auger. This motion is what creates its unique ability to shred cakes and hardpan. Material is pulled in from the sides and travels across the trough to where is it ejected on to the conveyor. Once on the conveyor, it is quickly moved through the body and handled in different ways, depending on the stage.

Windrow setup and knock-down

In the initial litter takeup process, the side conveyor or side chute dispenses of collected litter to either side of the machine. Two adjacent passes will create a good sized windrow, resulting in a possible 22ft wide sanitized path.

After the windrow has had time to "burn," the spreader disk accessory slings the litter back out in a single pass, obtaining a perfectly leveled fresh base for new broilers.

Windrows Flatened out

Accurate and Stable Depth Control

Controlling the cutting depth and keeping from creating waves is difficult for any windrowing equipment that isn't trying to cut to the clay base. With the combination of floating lift cylinders and an angle rake system, finding your designated cutting depth comes quick and is easy to maintain. Rake forward and the head will dive, rake back and the head will climb.

CAD designed for Bio-Security in Mind

We know that one machine won't stay at one location, so we took out the nooks and crannies for peace of mind. Surfaces have wash-out corners, the body cavity is rib-free, cables and hoses are elevated, and everything is sealed and flat to eliminate material buildup.

Power Where It Counts

How fast is it? you ask. Theoretically, at 2 MPH, you could complete a windrow-setup, turn, or spread in a 600'x 45' house in 15 minutes. But everyone knows theres more work in the details. Again, thats where the BroilerCat excels. Troublesome wet corners are no longer a source of extra labor because the BroilerCat reach every inch with ease.

Expierience in manufacturing

Aggero has been building poultry compost systems since the 80's. The BroilerCat is built on the patented CompostCat design concept which is over 10 years old so its strength comes from equipment design, hardware selection, and quality manufacturing. We are here when you need parts or service and have stood behind supporting customers like you through the years.