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Experience matters

Before we started building composters we were chicken farmers. We have experienced first-hand what a problem chicken litter can be. After buying our first in-vessel solar dryer in the early 80's, we realized the potential for waste to be a source of income. We wanted to share this with our fellow farmers. Read more.



Economical and Effective

Our composting systems are designed to suit varying needs. From high-rise barns to manure belt systems, Aggero has a solution to your livestock waste needs. The in-vessel Compost-A-Matic system can grow as your farm does by adding consecutive pits. The CompostCat has a number of options to customize to your facilities requirements.



Greetings 2021 MFP Expo Visitors!

We are present for conversation during this event. If you have any questions feel free to reach out.
Our big focus this year is the BroilerCat. This is the biggest thing for managing litter in a broiler or turkey house since the introduction of pasteurization via windrow.